Novel Recommendations

Books, books, & more books!

Since I had a three day weekend, I’ve really been catching up on my reading. Most of these I got for Christmas and have finally dug into now.

Some of my favorites that I’ve read last month and this month were:

  • Really Professional Internet Person: Jenn Mcallister, in this book “Jennxpenn” talks about all the ups-and-downs that she’s had within her YouTube career and personal life. She also gives insight with humor and relatable stories.
  •  A Work In Progress: Connor Franta. Another book by a well-known YouTuber. His book illustrates his life through beautiful and scenic pictures and words though. A very cozy book about Connor’s life and I adore it, because 1. he’s also a born Minnesotan, and 2. he gives great advice and tells great stories.
  • The Coincidence of Coconut Cake: Amy E. Reichert: Sadly I’ve only gotten a few chapters in, but it’s a very calming read. It’s a story about a woman named Lou, who owns a restaurant called Luella’s, and puts her heart & soul into it. She’s baked a cake for her fiancé when she walks in on something horrendous. The next day a newspaper anonymous critic comes, and she’s in the middle of her worst day, she underperforms with the food. He rates it badly & she’s heartbroken. But, when they’re both in misery they come across each other as near strangers at a pub. What happens when they found out each other’s identities?
  • Wreck This Journal: Keri Smith. This is more of an activity book than an actual novel. It gives you fun & entertaining ways to spend your time. Some ways she gives you to ‘wreck this journal’ are: 1. Drawing lines all over two pages while in motion. 2. Write down a whole page of good thoughts. 3. Glue in a picture you dislike & deface it. Those are just a few and if you like those, there are so many more great ones!

Hope you guys like these recommendations.

Love, Vic


Relaxation is Key

Sooner or later you gotta realize that you have to treat yourself! It doesn’t have to be super duper expensive and extensive, do what you want to. The whole point is just to give yourself a little time for some TLC (:

Here’s what I do when I want to pamper myself:
(Just to give you guys some ideas).

  • I go to bathroom, start running my bath
  • While running the bath, I put on my teal lush face mask called ‘Mask of Magnaminty’
  • When my bath is done I drop in a bath bomb (my favorites are Twilight, Sex Bomb, Cinders and Lord of Misrule). And I light a few candles. I usually just listen to relaxing music (if you guys want I could do another post on what my favorite songs are).
  • Then I dry off, and go into my room in my super fluffy white robe. I light a few candles, currently I have ‘Marshmallow Fireside’ from Bath & Body Works burning. And I turn my Christmas lights on, they’re great for setting a calm mood. I also turn on my Crosley record player that I got from Urban Outfitters.
  • After that, I make some hot green tea, or hot cocoa and lay down in my bed with a good book and read until I feel drowsy.

Love you guys and hope you enjoyed reading this!

Love, Vic

New Beginnings

I always find new things appealing. Whether it be something like a new account or a new book, or something big like a new best friend, or a new house. Although I also find that sometimes it can get dull and tired out. Which is what I’m hoping won’t happen with my blog. I created this mainly for the sole purpose of communication. I’m kind of an introvert, I connect with lots of people, which is why some think that I’m a people person… However, I’d rather shove myself down my covers and try to catch some z’s, than go to a party.

If you feel the same as me, then high five. WOO! Introvert high-five. I’m mainly going to be filling you in on my highs and lows, and on my life happenings. But, I’m also going to be giving you tips on how to live life (that’s right, I’m the boss of everyone). But, no in all seriousness, even if I’m only 15, I have some experience, and I probably relate pretty well to most people.

I’m not a white girl cliche. I’m Russian, but raised in America. I’m more interested in fictional characters’ love lives than my own, which is probably why I don’t have a boyfriend, and why I’m totally okay with it (INDEPENDENT WOMAN). Yeah, anyway, I love candles, hot cocoa, books, and warm fuzzy socks, YES I KNOW THAT’S A STEREOTYPE, but does it really seem like I care?

I don’t.

Well that’s my brief, but filling introduction. I’ll hope to be posting a few times or at least once a week.

Love, Vic